Promotional clothing is a fantastic way of getting someone into your brand. Literally! Everybody has that t-shirt, jacket or jersey with a company name on it, so when it comes to deciding what promotional products you’d like to see your logo on, promotional clothing is certainly a great way to go. When you give somebody an item they’ll actually use, they’re going to hold onto it for as long as it lasts.Read More

Our promotional clothing range is full of high quality material products because we understand you want your marketing campaign associated with excellence, and because you want whoever’s wearing your logo to enjoy it for as long as possible. Whether you’re looking for winter wear, summer wear, or something that can be worn all year round, you can find what you’re searching for among our range of promotional clothing options.

Promotional Clothing Ireland

Browse our range. You’ll want to find a promotional clothing option that suits your brand. You might be aiming your promotion at a group of people who need workwear fleeces and will be happy to wear a custom printed fleece with your logo on it, or they might be more of a golf crowd, in which case a polo shirt with your logo might do the trick. Get creative and ask what clothing item your target demographic will be interested in. When you land on the right answer, they’ll be wearing your logo for years to come. Most importantly, have fun with your promotional clothing. If you have a good time exploring all the choice on offer, then you know you’re on the right track. Take a look below to see some of our clothing options.

Branded Clothing With Your Logo

The most important thing when it comes to custom printed tops is that the quality of the material is excellent. You’re going to be putting a lot of time and effort into planning your campaign, so you want that to be reflected in the final product. Our promotional shirtspromotional polo shirts, and promotional T-Shirts are all made from comfortable, high quality materials that fit well and last long. Furthermore, the printing process we use ensures that your logo will look as good as the material feels.

Promotional Sweat Shirts and Pullovers

Among our range of promotional sweat shirts and pullovers, you’ll discover an array of comfortably fitted hoodies, sweaters and pullovers, each available in numerous colours, and all them custom printed with your logo design. We're dedicated to providing every possible option for your custom promotion campaign, so you’ll find we provide everything from the very basic custom printed pullover to our custom printed leather hoodie.

Custom Printed Jackets, Custom Printed Pants, and more…

Our promotional clothing range includes everything from body warmers to jackets that are insulated so well you could wear them in the toughest weather conditions and still feel protected from the cold. You’ll also find custom printed pants, and many other promotional accessories, including capshats and gloves.

All things considered, with our huge selection of promotional clothing options, you could be wearing your logo from head to toe, and, what’s more, you’ll look good too.

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  1. Brunswick 5 Panel Cap
    Brunswick 5 Panel Cap

  2. Bryson 6 Panel Cap
    Bryson 6 Panel Cap

  3. Brent 6 Panel Sandwich Cap
    Brent 6 Panel Sandwich Cap

  4. Basic 5-Panel Non Woven Cap
    Basic 5-Panel Non Woven Cap

  5. Detroit 6-Panel Cap
    Detroit 6-Panel Cap

  6. Basic 5-Panel Cotton Cap
    Basic 5-Panel Cotton Cap

  7. Brisbane 6-Panel Cap
    Brisbane 6-Panel Cap

  8. Berkeley 5-Panel Cap With Metal Buckle
    Berkeley 5-Panel Cap With Metal Buckle

  9. Memphis 5 Panel Cap
    Memphis 5 Panel Cap

  10. Trucker 5 Panel Cap
    Trucker 5 Panel Cap

  11. Memphis Kids 5-Panel Cap
    Memphis Kids 5-Panel Cap

  12. Fruit Of The Loom Original Tee
    Fruit Of The Loom Original Tee

  13. Elevate Zipper Puller
    Elevate Zipper Puller

  14. Fruit Of The Loom Valueweight Teecrew Neck With Cotton/Lycra® Rib
    Fruit Of The Loom Valueweight Teecrew Neck With Cotton/Lycra® Rib

  15. Cleveland Scarf
    Cleveland Scarf

  16. Womens Softstyle T-Shirt
    Womens Softstyle T-Shirt

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