If there’s one thing we know about jackets in Ireland, it’s that they get a lot of use. In a country where it’s always either raining, windy or cold, when you get your logo put on one of our promotional jackets, it’s almost certain that it’s going to get seen.Read More

Promotional Jackets Ireland

You only need to look at the size of our range of promotional jackets to get an idea of how popular an option they are for a company looking to promote its brand. Whether it’s summer time or winter, chances are you’re going to need a jacket, and whatever type you need, we have it in stock. We have custom jackets to keep you as warm and toasty as possible, lighter custom jackets just to protect you from the wind and rain, and custom body warmers that should suit the more active wearers out there. Whatever you decide to go for, one thing we can guarantee is that your promotional jacket won’t just disappear into somebody’s closet. The next time the temperature drops it’ll be the first thing they look for.

Custom Jackets With Your Logo

We have a huge selection of promotional jackets available. Among our range you’ll discover soft shells, packable jackets, lightweight jackets for the wind and rain, parkas and hooded jackets, sleeveless body warmers and much thicker warm jackets for the winter months. Each of our custom promotional jackets come in a variety of colours and sizes, and many also have lady’s options available. Take your time and find the one that’s right for your brand.

Because our promotional jackets are so popular, we know that there’s a huge customer base who have completely different requirements to each other. We also know that what you put your brand on matters. When you’re looking for as custom printed jacket to suit your logo and campaign, you want to find one that fits like a glove. That’s why when you browse our selection, we’re sure that you’ll find the promotional jacket that’s right for you.

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  1. Chicago Jacket
    Chicago Jacket

  2. Denver Bodywarmer
    Denver Bodywarmer

  3. Portwest Classic Bodywarmer
    Portwest Classic Bodywarmer

  4. Hastings Ladies Bodywarmer
    Hastings Ladies Bodywarmer

  5. Hastings Bodywarmer
    Hastings Bodywarmer

  6. Orlando Body Warmer
    Orlando Body Warmer

  7. Cromwell Kids' Soft Shell Jacket
    Cromwell Kids' Soft Shell Jacket

  8. Cromwell Padded Softshell Jacket
    Cromwell Padded Softshell Jacket

  9. Cromwell Ladies Padded Softshell Jacket
    Cromwell Ladies Padded Softshell Jacket

  10. Action Jacket
    Action Jacket

  11. Hastings Ladies Jacket
    Hastings Ladies Jacket

  12. Hastings Jacket
    Hastings Jacket

  13. Sydney Ladies' Jacket
    Sydney Ladies' Jacket

  14. Sydney Jacket
    Sydney Jacket

  15. Hastings Ladies' Parka
    Hastings Ladies' Parka

  16. Hasting Parka
    Hasting Parka

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