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Promotional Sunglasses

Whether you keep them in your car glove compartment, clip them on your shirt pocket on sunny days, or have them in the pocket of a purse every time you leave the house, you probably have a pair of sunglasses around at some point during the course of your day. Make sure when your customer grabs their pair before leaving the house, that it’s the ones with your logo on them. Not only will they constantly have your company’s logo in their pocket, but they’ll be showing it off to everybody to cross paths with on a sunny day.

Promotional Sunglasses Styles

Because we stock a wide variety of styles and colours, we have exactly the right pair to suit your logo. You might think that a slick pair of sunglasses are what match your brand best, or maybe you’re looking for something along the lines of a pair of aviators. Regardless, when you look through our range, you’re sure to find the exact pair you need. 

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  1. Tropics Sunglasses Strap
    Tropics Sunglasses Strap

  2. Cabana Sunglasses
    Cabana Sunglasses

  3. Retro Sunglasses
    Retro Sunglasses

  4. Sun Ray Sunglasses
    Sun Ray Sunglasses

  5. Sunglasses

  6. Sun Ray Sunglasses Crystal
    Sun Ray Sunglasses Crystal

  7. Foldable Sun Ray Sunglasses
    Foldable Sun Ray Sunglasses

  8. Sun Ray Sunglasses - Crystal Lens
    Sun Ray Sunglasses - Crystal Lens

  9. Sturdy Sunglasses
    Sturdy Sunglasses

  10. Trias Sunglasses
    Trias Sunglasses

  11. Crockett Sunglasses
    Crockett Sunglasses

  12. Baja Sunglasses
    Baja Sunglasses

  13. California Sunglasses
    California Sunglasses

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