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Tools & Torches

Tools & Torches

The funny thing about tools and torches is you never seem to be able to find what you need when you go to look for them.Read More

Promotional Tools and Torches

It would be great if we always thought ahead and realised someday we might want that particular measuring tape or wrench. But more often than not we’re lumped with whatever little bits and pieces have gathered in our home over the years. However, the opportunity for a company looking to promote itself is obvious here. If you give your customer a promotional tool set with your logo on it, it’ll be something they hold onto for a long, long time. Among our selection of promotional tools and torches, you’ll discover a wealth of such possibilities. If you have a customer base that enjoys a bit of DIY, would find a torch for the car quite a handy item to have, or even would just appreciate a helpful trinket for your key chain, then take the chance at hand to explore our tools and torches and discover the perfect item to get your logo out there. When you make appropriate choice you’ll find the investment will pay back in dividends and that your company’s brand may in fact become one of your customers most prized possessions.

Promotional Car Accessories

Everybody gets a flat tire once in a while. Make sure they have some helpful branded car accessories when they do.

Promotional Measuring Tapes

No matter how you measure it, having your logo on one of our measuring tapes will mean you never come up short.

Promotional Tool Sets

There’s no one tool that can handle every job, but with a promotional tool set you can cover all your bases.

Promotional Torches

Our range of promotional tools has a wide variety of branded torches that are bright, durable, and good to work under almost any conditions.

Promotional Pocket Knives

Whittle away the day by browsing through our selection of logo-printed pocket knives in our promotional tools collection!

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  1. Freezz Ice Scraper And Wiper
    Freezz Ice Scraper And Wiper

  2. Camber Tire Gauge
    Camber Tire Gauge

  3. Flipster Key Light
    Flipster Key Light

  4. Chill Ice Scraper
    Chill Ice Scraper

  5. Cabot

  6. Tailor Tape Measure
    Tailor Tape Measure

  7. Flat Torch
    Flat Torch

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