Shine a light on your brand, or better yet, shine a light with it! Get your logo put on one of our many promotional torches and your customers will never be left in the dark again.Read More

Promotional Torches

Because you always want a torch where you might need it, you usually need more than just one. A two story house should have at least one on each floor in case of emergency. Each car parked in a family’s garden should have one in case of a break down or the need to examine the engine. And while you’re at it, it couldn’t hurt to have one attached to your keyring or left in your purse – there’s always a time when it’s handy to have a torch nearby. Take a minute to explore our range of branded torches and you’ll begin to see how many fantastic branding opportunities there are for you. When you get your logo put on whatever promotional torch you choose, your customer is no doubt going to be impressed by the promotional product, but grateful whenever they find themselves in a bind and need to shine some light. Talk to a member of our staff today and we’ll find exactly the right promotional product for you.

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  1. Flipster Key Light
    Flipster Key Light

  2. Flat Torch
    Flat Torch

  3. Proxima Carabiner Key Light
    Proxima Carabiner Key Light

  4. Lyra Karabiner Key Light
    Lyra Karabiner Key Light

  5. Toon

  6. Keyring Torch
    Keyring Torch

  7. A-Tract Magnetic Torch
    A-Tract Magnetic Torch

  8. Sycamore Solo Box
    Sycamore Solo Box

  9. Beech

  10. Virgo Dynamo Torch
    Virgo Dynamo Torch

  11. Magnet Flashlight
    Magnet Flashlight

  12. Sycamore Solo
    Sycamore Solo

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54 items

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