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  1. Branded merchandise could be the best marketing tool for your brand

    Branded merchandise could be the best marketing tool for your brand

    There are many ways to market a brand, and most businesses promote themselves in one way or another. Some companies spend fortunes to get their name into the eyes of the audience they are targeting with varying degrees of success. One marketing ploy that is often overlooked is branded merchandise. Here we will look at some of the different marketing strategies and discuss why branded merchandise could be the best marketing tool for your brand.

    TV and radio advertising

    TV and radio advertising can be a great way to reach people of all age groups, of all genders and of all cultures. It takes planning to get it right by choosing the right time slot and the adverts need to look or sound professional or it can do more harm than good. The problem with TV and radio advertising is that the costs involved put it out of the reach of most businesses. Although radio advertising tends to be a little cheaper, there can still be a sizeable outlay involved for a short period of engagement.

    Social media

    Social media is a favourite tool of many marketers. Used properly, it can help you to reach many thousands of people. The biggest problem with social media marketing is that it requires an enormous time commitment and high levels of consistency to be successful.

    Regular posts need to be made and any comments or queries need answering quickly. Leave them a day or two and viewers will lose interest. It needs positive answers in all situations, or users will quickly form a bad opinion of the brand, and that defeats the whole object of spending many hours on the likes of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

    Email marketing

    Email marketing allows you to create targeted and personal messages which can be a great way to build relationships with new and existing customers. It can be much cheaper than many other forms of marketing and is preferred by many customers compared to intrusive telephone marketing.

    The problems associated with it are the emails being sent to spam, and some email providers software filters out any with a subject heading or content that says FREE or has anything else it decides is inappropriate. This does mean that a portion of the emails you send might never reach the intended person.

    Your website

    The aim of many marketing strategies is to get potential customers to visit your website. This needs to be attractive to the eye and very user friendly. It needs to look professional or the 4 seconds it is said you have to hold viewers interest will not be enough time. Search engine rankings are partly based on the number of visitors your website gets and how long they stay.

    Branded merchandise

    Above are just some of the marketing tools available, but they all rely on customers remembering what they have seen or heard, and every one of them puts you in their mind for the short time they are viewing.

    Branded merchandise has a huge advantage over them all in that the products with your brand on will be seen again and again, every time it is used. Branded merchandise can invoke a sense of brand loyalty and all customers appreciate a free gift.

    Compared to all other forms of marketing, using branded merchandise is more cost effective and gives a good return on the investment. In fact, research has shown that somewhere in the region of 80% of branded merchandise is still being used after at least one year.

    Different types of branded merchandise

    Traditionally, when people were giving branded merchandise as free gifts it tended to be pens or mugs and these are both still very popular. However, there are many other forms of branded merchandise to consider, depending on the type of business you run and the people you want to target. Included in the vast range of branded merchandise we supply at Axis Promotional Products are:

    • Bags for many occasions. There are laptop and tablet bags, business bags, shopper bags, toilet bags, sports bags, travel bags, rucksacks, shoe bags and duffel bags to name just a few of the ones available.
    • Clothing. Among the range of clothes we can turn into branded merchandise for you there are hoodies, pants, sweat shirts, jackets, body warmers, polo shirts, caps, gloves and hats.
    • Technology is always a favourite. Smartphone and tablet accessories, headphones, calculators, laser pointers and USB sticks are a selection of the branded merchandise we offer from our technology section.
    • Everyone knows about everyday mugs that are branded merchandise, but what about considering travel mugs, flasks, tumblers or bottles?
    • Branded merchandise in the form of pens has always been a favourite, but these days there is much more choice than the ballpoint pen. Highlighters, markers, rollerballs, fountain pens and pen sets are just a few of the ones on offer.
    • Sports and leisure. If someone is passionate about a sport, they will appreciate a free gift related to it. Things such as golf balls, binoculars, umbrellas, torches, bike accessories and many other sports related items are available.
    • Hampers are for more than Christmas time. Hampers are appreciated all year round and are a great way of giving branded merchandise that is a bit special. There are cheese and wine hampers, food hampers, craft beer hampers and deluxe artisan hampers to choose from.

    Call the experts for your branded merchandise

    At Axis Promotional products, we have a huge range of goods ready and waiting to become your branded merchandise. Regardless of whether you are looking for some low-cost novelty items or a high-class gift for a special client, we can help.

    We have more than 30 years’ experience of supplying branded merchandise and are the only place you need to contact no matter what promotional products you are after.

    Our team of friendly experts are dedicated to assisting our customers. Why not give us a call and have a chat about the branded merchandise you are considering? The number is 01 524 0966 and we are waiting for your call.

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  2. The marketing power of Irish promotional products

    The marketing power of Irish promotional products

    If you have a business in Ireland you want to promote locally or to the rest of the world, there are many different ways to get your brand known. Some of the ways, such as social media, can be very time consuming. Others, such as advertising on TV, can become very expensive. The problem with all these methods is that once people have viewed the advert or social media post, they move onto the next thing and your promotion is soon forgotten.

    The best way to put your brand in front of someone and to make sure they see it often, is to buy Irish promotional products that will get used daily and give them away as free gifts. They are an affordable one-off cost and research has shown that most of them are in use for up to two years after being received.

    The longevity of Irish promotional products

    You don’t have to spend a fortune to make the most of promotional products, think of simple things such as mugs, pens or notepads. These are useful items that will be used day in and day out. Each time they are used your name is on show. It means it’s not only the user that sees it, but also anyone else near to them, such as visitors. There is no other form of promoting your business that will stay in one place for so long without any cost other than the initial purchase.

    Perhaps you could even link your Irish promotional products to special events such as St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas, Easter or Bloomsday. This can give the Irish promotional products you are gifting more meaning and make them even more appreciated by the recipient.

    Constantly seeing your brand in front of them will make it more likely customers will come to you when they need a product or service you sell. As Irish promotional products are not an expensive form of marketing, it’s easier to gift them more often, such as a once or twice a year.

    Choosing the right Irish promotional products

    There is such a huge range of Irish promotional products that it would be easy to pick the wrong ones. It helps if you know something about the business you are intending to gift them to, but you can also get help from the experts here at Axis Promotional Products.

    It doesn’t matter whether you want branded pens, mugs with your logo on, umbrellas, printed USB sticks, branded clothing, hampers, technology related items or even things to do with sports and leisure. We have them all and many more. Talk to our friendly team and get the advice you need to ensure you buy the best Irish promotional products for your needs. They will also be able to let you know about current special offers and our price match guarantee.

    For Irish promotional products to be effective, they have to fall in line with your brand and be useful to the end user. For example, if your business deals with beauty products and treatments, then cosmetics, sleep masks or a branded pocket mirror are just a few of the relevant things you could give to your customers.

    The return on investment of Irish promotional products

    Many marketing studies have concluded that Irish promotional products for building brand awareness give a very good return on investment (ROI). A large proportion of recipients keep and use the product for more than a year and are likely to approach the company who gave the free gift if they need a product or service they offer. Customers like the fact they have received something for free and look more favorably on the business that gave them the Irish promotional products.

    Studies have also shown Irish promotional products give a better ROI than radio advertising or billboards, and in most cases the item will be used at least 2 or 3 times each week. Overall, the studies show Irish promotional products are a cost-effective incentive that raises brand awareness.

    Using Irish promotional products at trade events

    If you have a stand at a trade show, you will see people walking around with bags of leaflets and other items they have collected. Sometimes they are carrying two or more bags and it can all get a bit tiresome for them. Make your bag bigger and better than anyone else’s and soon you will see the other promotional bags disappear and yours will be on show all over the event. This does not mean they will break the bank to buy, but they will be appreciated and are well worth the outlay.

    Shopper bags at such an event can mean your potential customers will have a more comfortable day as well as taking home lots of leaflets and Irish promotional products from your stand. Just think how many times a bigger bag would be useful, and you will soon realise that your bag is going to get a lot of use and be seen by many different people.

    Of course, there are many other types of bags too. You could opt for laptop bags, toilet bags, shoe bags, business bags, over the shoulder bags or even rucksacks. They are all a useful item that will get a lot of use, and that is exactly the point of giving Irish promotional products.

    Contact us for your Irish promotional products

    Axis Promotional Products have been the supplier of choice for businesses in Ireland when they are looking for Irish promotional products for more than 30 years. Whether you want novelty ideas or more traditional ones, we offer the best customer service around. Just pick up the phone and chat to one of our team on 01 524 0966 or look at the huge range of Irish promotional products we offer on our website.

    We are confident that for businesses that want to promote their brand with promotional products, we are the one-stop shop for all your needs and we will not be beaten on service or price.

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  3. How promotional office supplies could help your business

    How promotional office supplies could help your business

    There are many ways to promote your business, some of them are very costly, such as TV and radio advertising or huge billboard adverts. Others are less expensive but very time consuming. Social media is a typical example of this. It costs very little but needs a high level of consistency for it to be effective. There are trade shows and events where you could have a stand, but something that is often overlooked by business owners is promotional office supplies.


    A brief history of promotional products

    Advertising and promotions can be traced back as far as 1440 with printing presses making it simpler to produce newspapers, often containing adverts. The first promotional product appeared in 1789 in the form of buttons to celebrate George Washington’s inauguration as the president of the newly formed United States. It was the late 1800s before promotional products became popular, bookmarks being one of the first. However, it was Anheuser-Busch who first came up with the idea of free giveaways to promote their business.

     It was Jasper meek, known as the Father of Promotional Products’ that took branding to a new level with his burlap bags and the first souvenir keyrings were given out at the World Columbia Exposition in Chicago in 1893.

     In the 1900s, the development of plastic and other materials led to a surge of customised products for branding purposes, promotional office supplies being among the most popular.



    It was the invention of the ballpoint pen that changed the working environment, especially for office workers. Suddenly, they did not need fountain pens or pencils to do their work. The ballpoint pen is simple to use and less messy.

     They very soon became one of the most popular promotional office supplies, as not only are they very user-friendly, they are easy to brand. They are also a very cheap way to promote your business and suddenly business owners were having boxes of them produced to hand out to their clients.

     This proved to be very popular with the recipients, and from the business owners’ point of view, it meant that their name was constantly on show with the workers and with any visitors to the premises.

     There are more than just ballpoint pens available for promotional office products too. There are markers, fountain opens, highlighters, rollerball pens, and pen sets among the huge range that can be personalised when you want to give promotional office supplies.

     They are still one of the most popular promotional office supplies and are likely to continue to be so.


    Notebook and pads

    Even in this digital age, when most office workers are using computers, there are times they need to make notes on paper. This is why when it comes to giving promotional office supplies to your clients, notebooks and pads can be very useful. Some business owners prefer them, as there is more room to put information about the business that is being promoted, and just like pens, it will not break the bank to give some away free to your customers.

     They are available in different sizes, from basic jotter pads to more high-quality notebooks, and many of them come with a pen. Whichever you opt for, you can be assured that your brand is on display every time a worker needs to make notes.


    Other promotional office supplies

    The majority of businesses have an office, even it if it is small with just a few staff. There is no shortage of choice of promotional office supplies, and remember, these are a one-off cost that are a great way of getting your brand known.

     Among the other items you may want to consider when you are thinking of buying promotional office supplies are magnetic page markers, memo holders, decision maker dices, desk clocks, lanyards, business card holders, calculators, cable organisers, smartphone holders, stylus and screen cleaners, media stands, laptop/tablet bags, computer products and portfolios.

     Any of these, as well as the pens and notebooks, would be welcomed by the intended users.


    Where to find promotional office products

    If you have never looked at promotional office products, or any other type of promotional products before, you may be wondering where you can purchase good quality items at reasonable prices. You do not want your customers to think that what you are giving them is cheap and nasty, so this is an important factor when you are buying such items.

     You need look no further than Axis Promotional Products. We have a huge range of products for you to choose from and will customise any of them to suit the needs of your business. If you want promotional items that are connected to technology, bags of all shapes and sizes, clothing from caps to hoodies and jackets, drinkware including mugs and flasks, products connected to sports and leisure such as golf balls, umbrellas and binoculars, auto accessories such as tool kits, ice scrapers and torches, hampers of different varieties, games, healthcare products, first aid items, watches or anything else, speak with our friendly experts.

     They will be able to assist you and have the knowledge you need to ensure that you make the most of your promotional office supplies, or whatever other promotional products you are interested in.


    Get in touch with the experts

    Give us a call on 01 524 0966 to discuss your needs. You will find that we not only provide an exceptional service, but if you find a product that is an exact match elsewhere but for a cheaper price, and it is available from us, we will match the price. This does not apply to special offers or promotions, but as long as you notify us within 5 working days of your order confirmation, we guarantee not to cost you more for the same branded products as you would pay with our competitors.

     ust look at our website and you will soon realise we carry an extensive range of quality products that are perfect for all your promotional needs.

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  4. Could branded marketing material help your business grow?

    Could branded marketing material help your business grow?

    Your brand identity is so much more than just your logo or colour scheme. It’s you, your products, your team, how you operate, and what attracts clients to your business. It’s a huge business asset, and a positive brand identity can make the difference between a potential customer choosing you over a competitor.

     There are many ways to promote your brand. Social media is a very popular marketing tool, but e-mail marketing and your website are also important. However, the most likely process with all these methods is that the viewer looks at your communication or post, reads some content or watches a video, and then moves on to something else. Has your marketing been enough to hold their attention? If it did hold their attention, will they remember it in a few hours?

     This is where branded marketing material can be a promotional winner, because the right things given to the right people will ensure this one-off cost constantly puts your name in front of them, time and time again.

     It can be tempting to only focus on digital and branded marketing material is often an afterthought for many business owners, but the right products are a great way to promote your brand and generate new leads. Research has shown that more than half the people that receive a branded gift use it on a daily basis, meaning your name is being seen all the time.


    Office supplies and accessories

    Pens were one of the first commonly gifted pieces of branded marketing material, and they are still a popular free gift with customers. There are many other office or lifestyle supplies and accessories you can use to put your name in front of customers on a regular basis.

     Computer products, calculators, pads, folders, USB sticks, desk organisers, mouse mats, golf umbrellas, mugs and headphones are just a few suggestions that could put your brand at the forefront. It is not just the workers that would keep seeing your name, but also any visitors to the office too.


    Mugs and drinking accessories

    Mugs have always been a popular branded marketing product, but now there are other drinking accessories you can use to promote your brand. Water bags, tumblers, flasks and bottles are all available and make great gifts because people like branded items to drink from. If their workplace is busy, it can help them to identify which mug is theirs, and every time it’s used your brand will be seen.

     If they are out on the road, travel mugs can be ideal. Who knows how many people might see your brand while they are out and about?


    Leisure and sports accessories

    There are many more products in this range than you may initially imagine. Bags, golf balls, binoculars, sunglasses, beach accessories, noisemakers, bikes, tools, torches, umbrellas, picnic sets, and compasses are just some of the many different items for sports and leisure that can become branded marketing materials.

     Bags come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for various uses. There are cooler bags, golf bags, duffle bags, and many more. You will always be able to find a product that has the desired impact as a piece of branded marketing material if people can use it with during their leisure time.



    People tend to associate hampers with Christmas. Although that is a great time of year to give them as a gift, they can be given in any month. Sending a craft beer hamper or a cheese and wine hamper is a perfect way to say thank you for a new contract or to thank someone for using your company as their supplier. A branded food hamper or cheese hamper would always be welcomed, as would a deluxe artisan hamper.



    If you have a stand at a trade show, regularly have employees out on the road, or a retail outlet, using some items of clothing as branded marketing material is a great idea. It means wherever they go they will be easily identified as someone with your company, as well as getting your name known.


    T-shirts, jackets, caps, beanies, scarfs and many other branded items of clothing are also very welcome gifts and can be a great way for branded marketing material to be regularly seen.


    Branded giveaways

    The whole point of branded marketing material is for you give it away to prospective or existing customers.  Keyrings have always been a popular choice, but there are many other things to choose from. Apart from all the items that have already been mentioned, there are games, books, rulers, desk clocks, coasters, card holders, pocket mirrors, bottle openers, sleep masks, aprons and piggy banks, as well as a huge variety of other products.

     The best thing about branded marketing material is that it does not have to mean spending a fortune to get your name seen, and once given, it can continue to get your name known for many years to come with no additional effort on your part.

     You do not have to spend hours dealing with posts as you do with social media marketing, you do not have to get content written or videos made for your website, or send an email to thousands of people. The best marketing campaigns are a combination of all these things, but branded marketing material should be included too.


    Find out more about branded marketing material

    To find out more about branded marketing material, get in touch with our team at Axis Promotional Products. It doesn’t matter if you want some low-cost giveaways or more expensive branded marketing material to give as corporate gifts, we can help you with them all.


    With more than 30 years’ experience producing promotional products, we’re here to help you with up to date ideas while at the same time providing excellent customer service. We also offer a price match promise if you find a like for like product with one of our competitors.


    Why not get in touch to see how we can help you with branded marketing material. You can call us on 01 524 0966 or email us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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  5. Why corporate gifts are perfect this Christmas

    Why corporate gifts are perfect this Christmas

    Everyone will soon be anticipating enjoying some quality time with their families over the Christmas break. How can your company make an impression that lasts? How can you ensure your company is still in their minds after they return to work? We can help.

    While online marketing might be at the forefront of many companies marketing efforts, a little offline marketing can be more effective this time of year. We’ve listed some of the advantages of corporate gifts below, as well as trying to provide a little inspiration to get you started.

    The psychological power of reciprocity

    Marketers have been using psychology to help achieve the goals of their clients for decades. However, it can be a positive experience for both sides. In psychology, reciprocity is an accepted rule that’s part of our society. In simpler terms, it’s the desire to treat others as they treat us.

    In business this translates to customers having a desire to give something back to you after receiving a gift. However, it must be used in a genuine and honest way to maintain integrity, which is why Christmas is the perfect time of year for this type of promotion. Sending a gift that adds genuine value to the recipient’s daily life ensures it’s well received and remains visible for longer.

    The right corporate gifts make your brand memorable

    A corporate gift is a great way to show you value your relationship with your clients, as well as being thoughtful and prepared to go that extra mile. A memorable gift can create a positive association between the feeling of gratitude and your logo. Gifts that are functional will get used more often, meaning your brand gets more exposure.

    The right corporate gift will depend on your client base, but whether it’s a mug, a golf umbrella, or a USB stick, they’ll think of your brand every time they use it. This makes a well thought out gift an excellent marketing tool that can continue to work for a prolonged period.

    The sincerity of a gift increases authenticity

    Gifts don’t have to be related to work; it is Christmas after all. While a gift that hangs about will keep your brand visible for longer, an impressive gift can make a much bigger impression. This is one of the reasons our Hampers are so popular this time of year. Some promotional items are useful, but not very exciting. Whereas, a carefully selected hamper can be a great surprise.

    We supply hampers based around different themes, such as craft beer, cheese and wine, or artisan products. They can be a great way to provide clients with something they’ll truly appreciate and carry with them throughout the holiday period. Many of them, such as the Deluxe Artisan Hamper, contain items that will continue to be used for years to come, such as the slate cheeseboard and coasters. That’s without mentioning all the delicious Irish treats that come inside.

    Increased customer engagement, whether they realise it or not

    Some gifts hang around for a long time. Think of items that are ever present on someone’s desk, or a mug that gets put in the kitchen cupboard. Every time this is seen or used it reinforces your message and keeps your company at the forefront of their minds. This increases the likelihood they’ll turn to you when they need your product or service. It also helps to build a rapport with customers helps your business to prosper. Having a good relationship with the people you deal with every day also helps your working life be more enjoyable. 

    As well as keeping your brand at the forefront of your customer’s mind, it will also be seen by other visitors to their office. These may well be people in the same business, or who could also use your service. Seeing your company message tells them your customer deals with your business, which increases the level of trust, as they will know a colleague already uses you.

    You have lots of choice with corporate gifts

    One of the many great aspects of corporate gifts is the wide range of options. There are gifts suitable for virtually every sector, as well as special gifts for people who enjoy specific pastimes, such as golf. There are also more general and cost-effective gifts if you’re buying for many people. If you’re not sure what would work well for your company, simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you narrow your search. 

    Many companies tie their gift in to their own corporate identity. For example, if you run an environment-based company, we offer a range of gifts with an eco-slant. If you deal with lots of executives, then we have a range of high-end metal or crystal gifts that wouldn’t look out of place on the poshest desk.

    The choice doesn’t end there. Corporate gifts aren’t just for clients or customers. They can also be a great way to show your appreciation to your employees. A food hamper or something not work related will be well received and shows your team how much you appreciate their efforts.

    Get corporate gift advice from the experts

    We have decades of experience helping our clients WOW! their customers. However, we understand it’s still business, so we price all our items to be cost-effective. We even offer a Price Match Promise (you can check out the details on our website). We work our hardest to ensure you receive the best service and advice from your very first call until after well after your order has been fulfilled.

    You can call us on (01) 524 0966 to discover how we can help you this festive period. We’re always happy to hear from you and will help in any way we can. You can also view ordering information, create an account, or look at our blog and try to get inspired on our website. 

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  6. How Trade Show Promotional Products Can Help You Make the Most of An Event

    How Trade Show Promotional Products Can Help You Make the Most of An Event

    There is much in the media about digital marketing, particularly how effective social media can be in getting a brand known. However, there are some things that are still just as effective, and some marketing experts think they have more of an impact. One of the more traditional methods of being seen by potential customers is trade shows. You will have an audience that are interested in the relevant industry and there is no other way as effective to meet up with like-minded people.

     The beauty of trade shows is that for a few days you can meet and greet potential customers, let them see your products and discuss any issues regarding delivery times, and be there to answer all their questions in person about things like payment terms etc. For some customers, this beats all the digital methods of communicating and you can win sales because of it. These few suggestions will help you to make the most of the time your business spends displaying its wares at a trade show or similar event.

     Choose the Right One

     There are trade shows happening in every city throughout the year. You need to do some research to find the one the customers you are after will be attending. This is often mentioned in the advertising material, but if not, you could always ring the organizers for more information.

     Once you’ve found the right one for your business, book a slot as soon as you can. The spaces at trade shows disappear very quickly and dragging your feet could mean you lose out by not being able to rent a stand for the show you want.

     Trade shows can be a great source of new leads, but as with all marketing strategies, it is the results that matter. You will only get the leads you are after if you have chosen wisely when picking which ones to attend.

     Be Eye Catching

     Make you stand eye catching so that people cannot miss it. Do not go overboard with things like flashing lights, as that can put people off. But you can ensure your stand still makes an impact by having a design that shows off your products clearly, and perhaps a reasonable size screen with images and videos on it.

     Before the show, take a look at your competitors’ websites and social media pages. This will give you an idea of the sorts of things they may be showing and let you focus on the things they are not doing. Because your stand is different, it will attract more attention than the ones that all look the same.

     After walking around many stands, people become tired and want a place to rest their weary feet. Have some seats on your stand where they can sit while they chat, and you may be surprised how many more people approach you.

    Use Trade Show Promotional Products

     Trade show promotional products can put your brand name in front of someone every time they drink a coffee, use a pen, look at the time, or any number of other daily tasks. There are so many free gifts you can give at a trade show that are useful to people, and they will keep them and make use of them putting your brand constantly at the front of their mind.

     You do not have to spend a fortune on trade show promotional products as there is such a huge array to choose from. Just a few examples are calculators, memory sticks, pens, wallets, gloves, t-shirts, torches, desk accessories, key rings and rulers. Then of course there are bags. People walking around trade shows will collects items from various different stands. If one of your trade show promotional products is a bag big enough to put them all in, it is your name that will keep appearing around the show, and the bag will probably be used afterwards too.

     At Axis Promotional Products, we can supply you with all the branded trade show promotional products you need, whether you want to buy some items in bulk or want something bespoke for a special customer, we are always able to help.

    Never Leave Your Stand Unattended

    There should always be someone representing your business. If people approach your stand and there is no one there, it reflects on your business in a bad way. The customer might be no great loss but could equally be the buyer for a chain of stores. You could have lost a really big order just for the want of there being enough staff to make sure your stand is never left unattended.

    Be Smart, Be Polite, Be Helpful, Be Friendly

     A trade show could be the first time someone comes across your brand, and first impressions count. Any staff on the stand should be smartly dressed, polite and be as helpful as they can. They should never make promises they cannot keep, and if they are unsure about anything, they should tell the enquirer they will find out for them.

     Greeting potential customers with a smile always helps to win them over. People usually assume the way employees behave is the culture of the business, so friendly and helpful will make them assume your business is that way too.

     Humour is always a good tactic too, as long as it is not directed at the potential customer personally. People often remember something humorous for longer than they do the usual marketing messages, and they are more likely to tell other people about it.

     Follow Up New Connections

     Take contact details of any new connections you make and email or call them within the first 2 to 3 days after the trade show. Keep it simple, like mentioning how nice it was to meet them, just to make that connection outside of the trade show environment.

     If you leave it much longer to get in touch with them, others may have beaten you too it or they may not remember who you are and what you were selling.

     If you are going to a trade show and want promotional products for the event, give Axis Promotional Products a call on 01 524 0966 or visit our website and see the huge array of items we have on offer.

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  7. The benefits of branded promotional products in Dublin

    The benefits of branded promotional products in Dublin

    The landscape around promotional products has changed greatly in recent years. Advances in technology means you can brand just about anything at a more cost-effective price. Despite a large part of a brands presence switching to digital, promotional products haven’t become any less popular. They can be a great addition to any marketing campaign. This is because the benefits are more far reaching than some people realise. Below we’ll take a look at all the reasons why you should consider promotional products in Dublin as an effective tool for your business.

    We all love getting something for free

    The more traditional idea that you send promotional products to just your best customers is still relevant, but no longer the only way to use them. Many companies use low cost items, such as stickers, pens, or mugs as an added bonus in parcels. This not only rewards people that are spending money with you, but it also increases brand awareness. According to research eighty seven percent of people keep promotional products for more than year, with a large proportion of people keeping them for five or more years. Some companies even have different promotional products depending on the spend of a customer. Someone who spends big gets a better promotional product.

    Promotional products in Dublin help to gain new customers

    As well as ensuring your brand is always in the line of sight, promotional products in Dublin help to change consumer behaviour. A surprisingly high number of people are prepared to change from their usual brand if they believe they are going to receive something for free. One of the main reasons people hold on to promotional items is because they are useful, so selecting the right gift for your customers will give you a lot more bang for your buck. The item could even become part of their day-to-day lives, giving you

    More than just a gift

    Well chosen promotional products in Dublin will help to increase brand awareness greatly, they can also be designed to incorporate a call to action to increase sales. For instance, a USB stick can be pre-loaded with information about your company, special offers, advertising etc. These can all help encourage your customers to take particular actions. This is just another way, on top of increased brand awareness and better customer loyalty, to use promotional products in Dublin to increase your sales.

    What are the most popular promotional products in Dublin?

    Selecting the right type of promotional product for your business will depend on a number of factors. There could be company specific factors that affect your choice. A company that deals in golf products may opt for an umbrella or golf tees, as these are more relevant to their customer base. However, for the vast majority of businesses the same sort of rules apply.

    Electrical items are always popular, as the gadget value seems to be well received. USB sticks are always popular, as they are an item many people already use, so there is a high likelihood your customers will find it useful, and that it may well spend much of its life sitting on a desk in plane view. Too more conventional items that still perform well are pens and mugs. Mugs are one of the most popular items, as businesses say they keep them for such a long time. They will be used regularly and having your company information on them will only help to ensure your ever present in the minds of your customers.

    Promotional products in Dublin create TOMA

    TOMA stands for Top of Mind Awareness. This means that you immediately associate a brand with a general product category. For example, when you think of beer your favourite will usually jump to mind, or beans, or tissues, and on and on. Marketers know that a consumer needs to see a brand at least nine times before they start to take note of the message or build any meaningful brand recognition. While some marketers will argue about the number of times a brand needs to be seen, none would argue that repetition is a big part of a successful advertising campaign.

    Promotional products that are ever present in an office, kitchen, or workshop help to ensure your brand gets plenty of exposure.

    Creating a successful connection using promotional products in Dublin

    Nobody likes ads. It’s estimated the average person sees thousands every day. We are bombarded by ads in apps, on social media, on websites, and in the real world. We block many of them out and go out of our way to avoid them in the digital world. However, a promotional product is an ad that isn’t primarily an ad. It’s a free gift. People will generally go out of their way for a free gift, whether it’s a t-shirt, a mug, or a pen.

    Choose an expert partner to supercharge your marketing

    At Axis Promotional Products we haven’t just build up a substantial catalogue of products perfect for business, but we also have decades of experience, feedback, and knowledge to help you select the perfect item for your customers. We’re so confident we’re the best around that we even offer a price match promise if you find any products cheaper with our competitors.

    We have an expert team manning our call centre that are both friendly and efficient. They’ll not only provide you with excellent customer service from first contact, ordering, and beyond, but they’ll also offer any relevant advice and make you aware of any special offers that could save you money.

    At Axis we also offer a comprehensive range of stationery, office furniture, and even printing. We really are a one-stop-shop for business. If you’re thinking of buying any promotional products in Dublin or would simply like to have an informal chat about what we might be able to do for you in the future, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (01) 524 0966.

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  8. What Is Our Obsession With Promotional Pens?

    What Is Our Obsession With Promotional Pens?

    Every single day consumers are exposed to marketing messages whether they realise it or not. They can be found in the morning paper, heard on the radio, in social media feeds, found on billboards and when consumers sit down in the evenings to watch TV they are present too.

    The majority of brands invest in some form of marketing in the digital era. Even so, traditional marketing techniques are still going strong like promotional products. One of the most popular types of promotional products is the promotional pen.

    Why Are Promotional Pens So Popular?

    Few people can say they have not used a promotional pen at some point in time. This is due to the fact they are still widely popular.

    Promotional pens are light, easy to carry around and even though we use our mobiles people still have a need to take down notes.

    Promotional pens can be used to take down a shopping list or leave a reminder on a sticky note for a loved one as examples of how they are still relevant in the everyday.

    And these promotional products are also everywhere you turn, in offices, in supermarkets, in schools, literally anywhere you can think of. Who wouldn’t want a promotional pen?

    Promotional Pens Are Cost-Effective

    Perhaps one of the reasons promotional pens are much loved is the fact they are so cost-effective.

    Particularly for small businesses who can’t afford expensive TV or Radio advertisements, promotional pens are a cost-effective method of still getting your brand noticed.

    Promotional pens are generally sold in bulk and the cost for individual pens is quite low. This also means the small business owner can share out their promotional products to prospective clients in bulk.

    Promotional Pens Are Practical

    It’s not a bad shout to purchase promotional gifts virtually everyone will use. To have your brand name and logo on an item used daily, that’s smart.

    Promotional pens are so practical. You give them out to prospective clients who will use them for work, in the home and even in college. Your promotional pen as a gift will also be passed around giving a wider reach for brand recognition.

    The point is everyone uses pens and quite regularly as a matter of fact. Investing in promotional pens is an affordable and effective way of reaching out to new customers.

    Promotional Pens Are Easily Distributable

    There are many ways a small business owner can distribute promotional pens in large quantities. For example, if they set up a trade show or fair these are the perfect opportunities to not just network but to distribute promotional pens to everyone in attendance.

    Due to their size, promotional pens can also be sent by post and this is very economical. At work promotional pens can be handed out to colleagues who can bring them home and present to their friends and family.

    What Types Of Pens Can You Buy?

    Promotional pens can range in price based on quality, style and what type of material they are made of. We recommend you choose promotional pens that best fit your brand and target audience.

    Think about who your client is and what type of product they’ll hold onto and compare that with what service you’re promoting. Perhaps a promotional fountain pen is the way to go. They could be the type of people who prefer premium quality goods and appreciate a company who deliver on that.

    Or maybe it’s better off that you go for a cheaper promotional ballpoint pen if you’re looking to get them into as many people as possible. By having hundreds or thousands of pens to give away, you’ll be able to ensure that your brand is seen.

    Whatever type of promotional pen you are looking for you can be sure it’s available through Axis Promotional Products.

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  9. Looking For Summertime Promotional Products?

    Looking For Summertime Promotional Products?

    It’s the summertime and we are certainly feeling it here in Ireland. Last summer and this summer has got to be the best weather we’ve had in a long time, with temperatures rising to highs of 26 degrees. It’s like we are in a different country.

    With summer in full swing businesses are scrambling to find the best promotional products that will make a lasting impression on their customers. It’s crucial you choose promotional gifts suitable for the hot weather but are meaningful too.

    Finding it difficult to think up what promotional products you should choose? Fear not, we have created a list of the best items your clients will remember you for.

    Cooler Bags

    Axis Promotional Products stock a massive range of custom printed cooler bags. You will find an option for every kind of trip, whether it’s for the beach or the park or any sun related day out. We have cooler bags that are great for keeping drinks in, so when you’re engaging in a game of football or beach ball in the hot sun, you’ll have a cold refreshment at hand.

    We have Promotional cooler bags that can be packed full of food and still have room for the drinks you pick up along the way. We also have custom printed cooler bags that are perfect for keeping meat or fish cool in, so when you’re on your way to a barbeque, there won’t be any need to worry about the food spoiling while you pop into a shop.


    Whether you keep them in your car glove compartment, clip them on your shirt pocket on sunny days, or have them in the pocket of a purse every time you leave the house, you probably have a pair of sunglasses around at some point during the course of your day.

    Make sure when your customer grabs their pair before leaving the house, that it’s the ones with your logo on them. Not only will they constantly have your company’s logo in their pocket, but they’ll be showing it off to everybody to cross paths with on a sunny day.

    Because we stock a wide variety of styles and colours, we have exactly the right pair to suit your logo. You might think that a slick pair of sunglasses are what match your brand best, or maybe you’re looking for something along the lines of a pair of aviators. Regardless, when you look through our range, you’re sure to find the exact pair you need.

    Beach Accessories

    The idea of a day out by the sea is so tempting that people even plan their holidays around it. When your customers decide it’s that time of the year again and start packing their bags to hit the sandy dunes, make sure that they’re decked out with all of your branded beach accessories.

    With your logo on our promotional beach mats, anytime your customers decides to lay out in the sand, the first thing they’ll want to bring with them is your brand.

    Not everybody likes to get down on the ground. For a really novel approach to a day out at the beach, get your brand on an inflatable ottoman. Your customer will be sitting pretty all day long.

    For those really blistering holidays, make sure you bring one of our branded pocket fans. One of the many impressive branded beach accessories, this pocket fan is the best way to keep cool when you’re under the blistering sun for hours at a time.

    BBQ and Picnic

    Because people are already in the mood for a fantastic day, you have a chance to get your brand in front of them right when they’re happy to see it, and that kind of association is something that you can’t pay enough for.

    Some of the most enjoyable days your customers will have are when they’re out with their friends and family. Barbeques, picnics, festivals and days out at the beach are ripe with potential for promotional products that they’ll love. In our selection of promotional BBQ and picnic products there are BBQ sets to get your meat cooked perfectly, aprons to keep from getting your summer shirt greasy, lovely picnic blankets to lay down in the grass, and even the chance of a branded hammock to really put up your feet and relax. Browse through our promotional BBQ and picnic products collection to choose the right product to promote your brand with and your customer will have it in tow every time they go out in the sun.

    Nobody’s fussier than a BBQ chef, that’s why our selection of barbeque sets are fantastic quality and look great with your logo printed on them. Get your brand on a promotional picnic blanket and you’ll be able to lie down anywhere.


    Kick back and relax in a promotional hammock. With your brand on a promotional hammock, your customers are going to know exactly how much you can help them relax. Why wouldn’t you want to be associated with such matters?

    Until next time have a happy summer and enjoy the holidays!


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  10. The Best Promotional Products On The Market

    The Best Promotional Products On The Market

    News just in, we have a list of the best promotional products on the market. To make things even better you can buy them all right here, right now.

    Help relieve stress, shield your eyes from the sun, partake in leisurely activities with friends and family. You name it, we’ve got it.

    So without further ado, we will launch into the list.

    Stress Reliever Balls

    Are you feeling stressed by a massive change in your life? Is work getting you down? If you answered yes to these questions then stress reliever balls are the perfect promotional product for you.

    Stamp on your logo, squeeze and feel the stress just wash away. Much better than letting it all build up inside you until you burst with uncontrollable frustration. Our stress reliever balls come in varying shapes and colours, from the traditional round stress reliever ball to our very own “stress man”.


    Get yours now before the summer hits and be prepared. With promotional sunglasses you will not only look cool but you will get your brand noticed in doing so.

    Sunglasses can be used as fun and useful giveaways at corporate summer events. They aren’t just handy for you but are handy for clients, potential clients and everyone else to use on a regular basis. Each time someone wears them they will think of your brand.

    Beach Sets

    Following in line with sunglasses, summer is nearly here and that means it will be time for the beach. Sun, sand and beach mats, glorious. For these occasions Axis Promotional Products have put together beach sets for those family days out.

    Cast your eyes on our range of beach sets right now. Our Railay Beach Set comes with a 6-can cooler bag, inflatable beach ball, frisbee, a beach game and trendy inflatable pillow bag to partake in all the leisurely beach activities you desire.

    Travel Mugs

    Ah, the ever-reliable travel mug. An item which can be used travelling to work by bus or car, store your morning coffee, tea or hot chocolate inside.

    At Axis Promotional you can get your travel mugs in a range of different colours at unbeatable prices. Give your employees or potential customers a gift they won’t forget to use today.

    Are you in the market for some promotional products? You name it… We’ve got it. Axis Promotional Products provide everything from pens to USB sticks to umbrellas. No matter what your budget, we’ve got a promotional product to suit your individual needs. So, don’t delay. Contact us today.

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